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NJLECOA Health Plan Conversion

See the attached information regarding the health plan conversion.
Download: coltr0222-njlesa-njlecoa-health-plan-conversion.pdf

Covid -19 Update from NJDOC

COVID -19 UPDATE from NJDOC   (1) based on current Covid-19 data within the NJDOC, the Department is planning to resume certain "soft reopenings" on April 1.  This does not currently include visits, nor does it permit volunteers or visitors into the facilities.

PERC Decision COD

Here is the PERC Decision for interim relief for the closing of the COD. Thank you to all of those members who gave input and the information we utilized to make our arguements! It truly was a team effort.
Download: IR-2021-020 PERC Decision COD.pdf

Open Childcare for first responders!

The Coalition of Custody Unions, NJLECOA, NJSOA, NJLESA, PBA 105, request the opening of child care for first responders. Staff can not report to work with the schools closed and child care facilities.
Download: Coalition Letter-Child Care 3.26.2020.pdf

Public Safety Officers Benefit Program

Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) Program provides death and education benefits to survivors of fallen law enforcement officers

February 27, 2024
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Updated: Feb. 27 (06:03)

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Funeral Services for Las Cruces PD Fallen Officer Jonah Hernandez
El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
Letter To Representative Dean
Pennsylvania State Lodge FOP
Letter To Representative Scanlon
Pennsylvania State Lodge FOP
Compensation for State Corrections Officers
Posted On: Oct 15, 2017

AN ACT concerning injured law enforcement officers and certain other employees and supplementing Title 34 of the Revised Statutes. 
 BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

C.34:15-37.1  Payment of full compensation to certain injured officers.  1. Any State corrections officer, juvenile corrections officer, or juvenile detention officer who, in the course of performing the officer’s official duties, suffers serious bodily injury as the direct result of an assault by the inmates or detainees under the officer’s custody or charge shall continue to receive full wages for up to six months or until the officer begins receiving compensation for that injury under R.S.34:15-1 et seq., whichever comes first. In addition to the compensation received under R.S.34:15-1 et seq., the injured officer shall receive regular supplemental payments from the officer’s employer in an amount that is sufficient, when added to the compensation received under R.S.34:15-1 et seq., to equal the net wage of the injured officer at the time of the injury.  The supplemental payments authorized under this section shall continue for up to six months so long as the injured officer remains a State corrections officer, juvenile corrections officer, or juvenile detention officer and continues to be compensated under R.S.34:15-1 et seq.  The fringe benefits afforded an injured officer under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, contract, or statute shall not be negated or impaired in any way and shall remain in full force and effect during the time that officer is receiving supplemental payments pursuant to this section.

Link to the Full Bill 

New Jersey Law Enforcement Commanding Officers Association
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